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Lizard Man

Lizard man is an idea for a television series, currently in development.

It revolves around a plague doctor, in a plague ridden city, who every night goes on house visits, trying to help his mutated patients.

It began with all these images and characters that have popped up in my imagination. I started to collect all these visual ideas, and from that a world and a story emerged.

It is intended to be a surreal work, with very loose ends regarding the rules and logic of the world, and to be experienced more like a fever dream. This isn't a sci-fi idea or a fantasy idea. The show is intended to lure you in without providing clear rules or definitions, with blurry lines between real & imaginary, awake & dream and life & death

Currently there are around 10 episode concepts, each developed to the level of a loose synopsis.

I intend to try and produce a short film (around 15 min.) based on the world and characters, that can be seen as a Proof of Concept, or even a pilot.

Below are some of the illustrations that I did as part of the research process, where I explored different concepts, stories, characters, moods, etc.

The idea is intended to be shot in live action with live actors, using visual and practical effects to achieve the grotesque and surreal mutations.

I realize that financially speaking this is a bit ambitious, so as a fail safe "Plan B", if I wouldn't be able to finance this project I will probably do it myself either as an animation or even a graphic novel. But I do hope to do it in live action.

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